Interview with MRS X from Wilfried Mattner

mrs-x_logo“Then, and only then am I really free“– says MRS. X when asked why she never goes on stage without her mask. You automatically ask yourself who or indeed what is hidden behind it. A story teller, a dreamer, or a down-to-earth “material Girl”? To find the answer, you have to listen to MRS. X and let yourself be immersed in the flood of pure energy which radiates from her music.

“My mother was an opera singer and dentist – a very unusual combination. She was a person with energy and able to combine both jobs until she married and was forced to give up her singing. When I was a child I had music lessons and my mother taught me singing. First I wasn’t sure that I wanted to become a musician at all! She insisted however saying: “Music will give you energy and a hold in your life. This is a “giving” energy. Musicians must always perform wholeheartedly and make a gift of their music to the listener from the very bottom of their hearts. Only then can they be really happy”. One day my parents separated. It was a grey, drizzly day that my father broke the news to me. It was impossible to hold back the rising feelings and sadness. Then, suddenly a melody formed in my head, and the lyrics came automatically. My first song was born. Ever since then music has been my faithful companion through all my highs and lows”.

Although on stage MRS. X plays the role of the “unknown entity”, she definitely has both feet firmly on the ground. Life simply whispers titles and subjects to her – whether she is in an elevator, on the road or at work. The music comes complete with title and subjects, giving the words a soul and their own vitality. mrs-x_07Thus the mysteroius singer composes songs overflowing with energy, either describing the here and now, or dreamily glancing into the future.MRS. X wants people to go through life with their eyes wide open, instead of losing themselves in a virtual unreal world and encourages them to believe again in romance and love at first sight. But why “MRS. X”?

“I have always been fascinated by the music of Chopin, Schubert and Tchaikovsky. But there was one piece that I have always particularly loved: Mr. X by Emmerich Kalman. The sensational, fascinating and true story of Mr. X, the talented risky circus rider. Mr. X is a deprived outcast who has to fight his way through life. He enthrals his audience with his memorable performances and becomes the undisputed king of his genre. His real personality however always remains hidden behind his mask. Mr. X separates his real life from his artist’s life, enabling him to be free of all life’s shackles when performing. I have always longed for this freedom – the freedom as singer/songwriter, the freedom for my audience to enjoy my music, free of everything irrelevant which could blur the perception of my music. The mask is a simply a logical addition. A border between two different worlds – everyday life and the world of music. But this border is very narrow – when the mask is removed the two worlds inevitably converge.”

On her musical journey, MRS. X made many stops at which she lingered. MRS X was an equally successful jazz singer as a she was a heavy metal or rock singer. In the various countries where she has lived – the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, the Dominican Republic, Spain, Russia and Germany – she has made many experiences and met many people who and which had, and indeed still have, an inspirational influence on her music and lyrics today, opening up new and exciting doors.


This was and is the development of MRS. X as a pop singer. People can look forward to both her voice and unique sonority, which is so vital to any music.
So much is certain: for the beautiful stranger, life is truly something to be admired. She powerfully packs the way she sees, experiences and feels about life into her music. It is these feelings and experiences which she passes on to her audience without compromise.

Mrs.X, everywhere a stranger, everywhere at home.