Mrs. X releases the new single “80 Miles Away”

Mrs. X proudly announces the global release of her new single “80 Miles Away”. The single is now available on all of the leading music streaming and downloading services.

80milesawayGive it a listen and discover for yourself why Mrs. X’s patented “pop à la carte” style makes her stand out from all the rest. It is a must hear for anyone who calls themselves a lover of pop.

The emotions expressed on this track are as intense as the driving rhythms of the song, itself. It’s a melancholy story about true love, fears, doubts, betrayal and ultimately forgiveness.
“80 Miles Away” is truly an international collaboration and an effort of love. The cast of incredibly talented contributors is insane. Sefi Carmel -internationally renowned London producer, Jon Hockings -London guitar stylist, Kirsten Rea – background vocalist, M. Dwizzy- Jamaican born rapper.

“So many people to thank, but for me, everything begins and ends with Sefi,” says Mrs. X. “Working with him was an enlightening experience. I learned so much from watching him weave his magic. He is truly a wizard at telling a story with sound. Our collaboration was exhilarating.”
Mr. Carmel enjoyed producing “80 Miles Away.” “I’ve worked with everyone from B.B. King to Phil Collins to David Bowie to Birdy. It’s always invigorating to work with an artist who brings something fresh to a particular genre and makes it their own, which is what Mrs. X’s ‘pop à la carte’ is doing for pop.”

Kirsten Rea is a highly sought after, skilled and gifted artist. “The vocal recordings with Kirsten were among the most enthralling experiences of my musical career,” says Mrs. X.
M. Dwizzy’s rap is an essential contribution to “80 Miles Away,” bringing to life the voice of the man who was betrayed. It is this fusion of ‘pop à la carte’ and rap that defines the freshness of this intensely creative song.

Lennon P. Bone, a unique multi-talented musician from Kansas was drawn to “80 Miles Away“. He gave an energy drum kick to an alternate version “80 Miles Away Kansas Drive” which was self-produced by Mrs. X. She turned to Radu Marinesku in Cologne and Felix Brüske in Osnabrück to handle the recordings of the “Kansas Drive” version.

Now is the time that all the work finally comes to fruition with the announcement of the official release of the single “80 Miles Away“.

The eagerly anticipated follow up to Mrs. X’s two previous hit singles “Business Swing” and “Summer Day” is out today and available on iTunes, Amazon, iGroove, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and Shazam and other global music streaming and downloading services.
So, get up and dance to “80 Miles Away,” the latest “pop à la carte” release from Mrs. X, that mysterious voice behind those bejeweled masks.

“I hope everyone who listens to this song has as thrilling an experience as we all did making it. Pop on!” added Mrs. X.