Pathos of long-distance relationship finds life in Mrs. X’s latest single, “Tango Punta Cana” – Releasing on June 1, 2017.

Mrs. X is ready to release her new single “Tango Punta Cana” which describes a heart-warming tale of long distance relationship with soulful lyrics and melodious music.

Just a couple of weeks after the release of “Criminals, leading pop star Mrs. X is back again with her new single “Tango Punta Cana”. While the previous one was a warning to the time-thieves, the new one is a beautiful expression of the pathos of long-distance in the mysterious singer’s signature poetic rhythm.

“Tango Punta Cana” is the tale of two lovers separated by miles, with one staying in Germany and the other in Dominican Republic. The two people are also quite different from each other as individuals. The talented singer weaves in the differences between the two lovers beautifully through her soulful lines-

“Oh, you have the sun on your skin, and I´ve got used to the rain, but I thought I could feel you. Oh, the north falls to the south after ten hours of flight, still I can’t understand you.”

The latest single is a part of Mrs. X’s phenomenal project “Pop à la carte” where she is working with Sefi Carmel, the award-winning music producer from London. The disc features two songs- the main version of “Tango Punta Cana” and a peppy remix of the song. Sefi has shouldered all the mixing & mastering for single, duly supported by his highly talented team, including Steve Russel and Alex Bloxham. Both Russel & Bloxham have worked with Sefi on the sound of the single in Soundtrack Creation Studios, London.

“It feels just incredible to see your dreams turning to reality. I am deeply attached to every artist associated with “Tango Punta Cana”. They have been a huge support all through and have also inspired me at every step. I always learning great things from Sefi, not just stuff about songs or audio quality – but also on how to assure a positive approach to life & how to be a perfectionist with heart.” said Mrs. X while speaking about her association with Sefi and his great team for the song.

The main version of the single follows a gentle pace and would be loved by the connoisseurs of soft emotional pop numbers. It’s Mrs. X who has sung the emotional lines of the track, supported by heartwarming back vocals, performed by Gani Tamir.

The vocals were recorded in Bond Studio, Germany. The song features a tear-jerking rap part written by Mrs. X and performed Canadian rap star YYZ. He is the one who blew away with his exciting rap performance in “Monday Sunshine”.

Popular American DJ & producer Morsy has rendered a feet-tapping club number with the remix version of the new single.

“Tango Punta Cana” is presently available for streaming and downloading worldwide on all major music streaming sites like Google Play, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon etc.
About Mrs. X- One of the much adored stars in the contemporary pop scene, Mrs. X is a highly talented songwriter, singer and producer. She hails from a liberal multicultural background and follows the same cosmopolitan atmosphere in her productions. Her team is bustling with international artists from all over the world.