Mrs. X on Vinyl: Promotional Campaign Extended

Vinyl_Business-Swing_2The exclusive promotional campaign of Mrs. X’s vinyl Business Swing & Summer Days through clubs and DJs has been extended in Europe until August 2016.

The beautifully designed vinyl featuring tracks that caused a real sensation around the globe in 2016 was initially conceived as a limited gift edition in Germany. Demand, however, far exceeded the original number released due to the enthusiastic response of DJs and clubs around the world. Mrs. X, the mysterious masked singer who had worked with many of those DJs in the past, was very fortunate to receive their generous creative input, cooperation, and support. The singer/songwriter and her management team are naturally very happy about the increased interest in the vinyl, an interest that became obvious just a few weeks after its release. That is why they have decided to extend the promotional campaign until August.

Thanks to airplays, Mrs. X’s enthusiastic German, Dutch, and Brazilian fans are already familiar with the tracks Summer Days and Business Swing, and Mrs. X’s music style, which she calls “Pop à la carte.”

The remixes are of special interest to clubs and DJs. These versions were produced with the help of DJs worldwide (Opus Quark, Ms. Shiva, Richmond Clear). The vinyl contains these remixes as well as the original and the radio versions of Business Swing and Summer Days.

Mrs. X’s energetic and danceable “Pop à la carte” is guaranteed to create a great vibe at every party. As always, both the music and lyrics were written by Mrs. X in her uncompromisingly candid style and will appeal to everyone – men and women, young and old. Her YouTube videos are a fantastic way to experience fully Mrs. X’s music.

mrs-x_04Business Swing is about the kind of modern love story that could take place in any office – a dream of love and romance that is possible everywhere. Summer Days is the ultimate summer party song, its beat and vitality guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of every dancer. The song captures the joy of summer and, as Mrs. X says, “every summer has its own story; let’s write our own together.” These stories are close to Mrs. X’s heart, and through her successful music style “Pop à la carte,” she reminds us again and again that, even today, fairy tales of love and miracles can happen anywhere.

“I enjoy working with DJs from around the world,” said Mrs. X, “and I am very grateful for their support. I feel very fortunate to have worked with such wonderful people. Those DJs love music and are sort of crazy in a good sense. I love their craziness and their hunger for miracles. “Every single day of my life, I look for the kind of miracle that will give me energy. Then, through my music, I try to pass that energy on to my listeners!”

So, Mrs. X and her team are delighted to tell their special DJ friends “the vinyl Business Swing & Summer Days will shortly be on its way to you.” It will be sent to selected clubs in Belgium, Greece, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, and the Czech Republic.

By J. D. Fencer