Mrs. X Continues with Three Remixes on the Single “Strangers Blues for Dancers”



The mysterious singer Mrs. X has released three reworks of her song “Strangers Blues” available now on all download and streaming platforms (Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play etc.).

On September 5th, Mrs. X shares the three new remixes of “Strangers Blues for dancers”. Each of the three tracks are unique from each other and feature a mash up of EDM that harmonize with an upbeat soul warming touch.

“I love this song, it´s so mystical, but at the same time very emotional. It answers many questions for me, some important questions about life.” – Mrs. X

“Strangers Blues for Dancers” is the brainchild of a smash collaboration of unique artists from around the world which incorporates “Pop á la carte”, a style of music dubbed by Mrs. X for which everyone can feel, no matter how old, no matter if women or man. All the remixes were interpreted by Mrs. X herself (actually located in Germany), produced by Sefi Carmel (London) along with DJ O.J.K. (Latvia), DJ KZNZK (Brazil), and DJ Zac (HongKong).

The original track “Strangers Blues” appears on Mrs. X most recent international collaborated album “Pop á la carte de Luxe”. Produced by Sefi Carmel, interpreted by Mrs. X with amazing backing vocals by Kirsten Rea and Corel Taylor (USA), with rappers M.Dwizzy (USA) and YYZ(Canada), Gani Tamir (UK), Rainieri di Biagio and Emmanuela Gramaglia (Italy) and many more. “Strangers Blues” is written by German songwriter and lyricist, Alla van Delft.

To Mrs. X : she is a pop singer, songwriter and music producer with a multicultural background. Her ancestors come from Holland, Azerbaijan and the Dominican Republic. She currently lives in Germany. Mrs. X never sets foot on a stage without her trademark mask. The artist took her inspiration from “Circus Princess”, an operetta by Emmerich Kalman, which tells the story of the talented acrobat Mr. X who never reveals his real name and never shows his face. Whenever he appears in public, he wears a mask in order to protect his private life.

Mrs. X is known as a creator of “Pop à la carte”, a new style in pop music and EDM.