Mrs. X lashes out against betrayers & fake friends in her new single “Criminals”

Releasing on May 17, 2017

All those who did not keep their promises, all those who betrayed us and wasted our time- cannot get out unscathed now. The time has come to face their sins as somebody has actually taken up the baton now to slap on the face. A great round of applause for the Monday Sunshine- fame singer & composer Mrs. X as she lashes out to the time-thieves in her new single “Criminals” scheduled to release on May 17, 2017. It’s an energetic pop number that has managed to bring a touch of humor amidst pathos and darkness.

The name of the single and the shrill siren at the start might give the feel of a cop & thief chase but Mrs. X is not talking about the “typical” criminals here. Rather she delves deeper into the black & blues of life and speaks out against the wrong doers and fake friends who stole our time and left us emotionally stranded – the “time-thieves”.

In her own words-“In life, everything can be replaced, except time. If you are wasting time, you are actually wasting life. It’s even worse when somebody takes advantage of your innocence and hangs up on you for his/her own selfish interest. All these people are time thieves who break you down at the end of the day. I have dedicated my new single ‘Criminals’ to these time thieves as I believe that people who steal something as irreplaceable as time are no less of a culprit than those behind the bars”.

The singer with a mask has explained in detail about time-thieves in her new single. As per her lines, time-thieves are those who keep innocent people on hold with false promises and then one day leave them just like that. They are those so called friends who didn’t think twice to drown into the abyss for their own vested interests. These are the people who rip off opportunities, block dreams and try to cut down wings by wasting valuable time.
“The time-thieves play with our emotions and they should not be left free. We must muster the strength to speak out against them. However, the hard truth is that you might not find anybody by your side on the way. So, be prepared to act alone”.
Produced by award-winning producer Sefi Carmel, the new single comes with 3 tracks. Carmel is the producer of the Mrs. X’s ambitious project “Pop a lá Carte”. “Criminals” is written & composed by Mrs. X and the great American singer Corei Taylor has supported her with his virtuoso backing vocals.

Much to the delight of club crowd, the single comes with 2 feet-tapping remixes. The first one was produced musical genius, producer and famous DJ Morsy. The second one was done by Australian star DJ Trash Dog.